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Welcome to the official website of Saint Bakhita Vocational Training Center

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hello, there!

If you're reading this, that means Taylor and I were successful at launching the brand new website of Saint Bakhita's Vocational Training Center for girls. This project was a labor of love, and evidence of the collaborative, meaningful curriculum we have here at the University of Notre Dame.

My name is Madison Wagner, a junior at Notre Dame majoring in Management Consulting, and Taylor Dellelce is a freshman majoring in Visual Communication Design. Over the past few months, we carefully considered how to best tell the story of Saint Bakhita's and bring that story to life on the world wide web. We debated over color palettes, navigated photography directions, scoured through various font selections, and listened to the stories of students and leaders at our school in Uganda. Ultimately, we wanted this website to speak to the youthfulness and joy of the students at the school, in addition to maintaining elements of tradition with a modern aesthetic. All of those design decisions manifested as the website you are currently browsing, which brought you to reading this very diary entry.

Saint Bakhita's truly has a wonderful mission. It has inspired many students at Notre Dame, and Taylor and I are so grateful to have had a hand in helping create a space where all of the ongoing opportunities and projects at Saint Bakhita's can be shared. This page in particular will be an important space for understanding the perspective of students at the school, as well as those of us at Notre Dame playing a part in advancing the Bakhita mission. Both communities will pen their endeavors in this digital blog. Once again, it's amazing how the internet can empower us to unite and empathize our shared experiences, even if we're an ocean away.

Thank you for taking a moment to read our thoughts and learn about a special school led by incredible people. Your interest and attention means so much, and your support is priceless. Please return to this page to learn more as the journey of the girls at Saint Bakhita's progresses.

All our best,

Madison & Taylor

Website Designers


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