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2022 Innovation Scholars - Round #1

A school wouldn't be anything without its students, and ours are some of the best! To share Saint Bakhita's Vocational Training Center's first official class of graduates, we will be adding all 77 Innovation Scholars from the inaugural 2022 cohort to weekly diary entries on our website. These inspirational young women have committed to using entrepreneurial tools to forge better futures for themselves, and we are thrilled to officially introduce them to you. Please find below the headshots of five students, along with their handwritten "What Would You Fight For?" responses and a drawing of what they envision this future will look like.

To kick us off, please meet Akello Jennifer!

Next up, Akello Norah!

Here is Apio Rosemary!

Meet Acen Sharon Oliver!

And last but not least, Abodo Catherine!

Thank you for supporting these Innovation Scholars in their fight to make their dreams a reality. Check back in next week to meet an additional round of Innovation Scholars!

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